Superb hunting dog winter painting by Henry Schouten (1864-1927)


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Superb very charming and beautiful romantic end 19th century romantic Belgian Master painting. Directly from a high quality estate collection. Oil on canvas. Top museum quality painting. In a very good original state. Superb colours and composition, incredible detail. ” Three hunting dogs on the hunt in a winter landscape”

A great painting for romantic 19th century European Master painting collectors, especially for dog painting collectors and hunting dog painting collectors.

Signed lower left Henry Schouten. This painting was made by Henry Schouten (1857-1927) .

Henry Schouten was a Belgian painter who was born in 1857. Numerous works by the artist have been sold at auction at high prices. The artist died in 1927. He and his brother Paul are listed in all major art references and are know for their animal paintings all over the world. This oil on Canvas ” three setters on the hunt” is in a very good original condition. fabulous light, fine detail and brilliant color in a gilt frame. Henry Schouten attended the Fine Arts Academy in Brussels where he was influenced by the rustic Landscapes of Alfred Verwee, (Belgian 1838-1895). Schouten specialized in animal scenes of dogs, monkeys, sheep, cows and horses. Schouten regularly exhibited in Brussels and built a strong reputation as an animal painter. In 1943 a posthumous retrospective of his work was held in the Hague. This painting is in a very good state, ready to hang.

This painting is surely one of his best paintings. We have never seen a winter hunting dog scene of this quality before by Henry Schouten, very rare!

Please view all the details of the painting: the dogs are masterfully painted.

We sell this painting for a very reasonable price.

Dimensions: frame : 25.8″ x 35.6″ (65.5 x 90.5cm), painting: 19.7″ x 29.5″ (50 x 75 cm)

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